Our Mission

Neighbour Connections About Us Image

Neighbour Connections is a not for profit community organisation funded through the Home and Community Care program.

Neighbour Connections is a unique service which fills the gaps not covered by other service types. Neighbour Connections is flexible and innovative and promotes the person centred approach.

Our Vision

Neighbour Connections has a vision of the future it wants to help create. Our vision is an enriched community, which is strong, respectful and responsive to the needs of individuals. It is a community where there is kindness and concern, and support for people’s wellbeing. It is a community where neighbours are connected with each other and with the services they need.

Our Purpose

Neighbour Connections’ purpose is to provide flexible social support services for socially isolated people, living in South East Sydney, in order to: prevent or reduce social isolation and support people to live independently in the community. In providing such services, we also support their carers. We actively work in partnership with other agencies to achieve better service outcomes. Click here to make connections.

Our Core Values

Our core values are what we hold to be important in the work that we do. They guide the decisions we make and how we behave towards each other and our clients. These values are: community connections, inclusion, respect for the individual and independence through empowerment.